Open Competitions

Structure of the competition, and rules of shooting, vary depending which society or association’s rules are being used to host the tournament.

Targets may be roundels; paper faces often depicting animals; or foam 3D animal targets with designated scoring areas.

Some competition rounds have targets at ‘marked’ distances (the archer is told the distance from the shooting pegs to the target) whilst other rounds can be ‘unmarked’ distances (where the archer has to estimate the distance from shooting peg to target, and make his shot accordingly).

Archives of previous Open Competitions at Ballands Bowmen

Ballands Bowmen hosted The Robin Archer Memorial Shoot on June the 8th & 9th 2024, results are below

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Ballands Bowmen hosted the Archery GB Somerset County Archery Field Championships 2019

Ballands Open Field Shoot, inc. the Somerset County Field Championship Presented by Ballands Bowmen Archery Club on 17th and 18th August 2019
Venue: New Park Wood, Pen Ridge, Penselwood, Somerset, by kind permission of Mr. Nic Hoare.
Rounds: Combined Arrowhead 24 Unmarked / 24 Marked Organiser: Mr. Andrew Rees
Judges: Mr. Richard Jones, Mr. Peter Turner and Mr. John Cunningham.
Course designed and laid by: Andrew Rees, Jane Rees and Colin Vaughan-Jackson. Weather: Saturday: Mild and dry. Sunny intervals. Occasionally breezy. Sunday: Mild. Early rain gave way to dry, breezy day.

A few pictures of the archers shooting at the Somerset Field Archery Championships