Ballands Achievement Badge Scheme

The scheme is available for all archers that are Members of the Club. There is no differentiation for age but it is envisaged that the first level, green, is readily achievable by juniors.

The qualifying score can be shot either at a Club night or at an Archery UK Portsmouth Round competition and verified by production of the scorecard from that Competition, but if at a Club night then this will be on the criteria of an indoor Portsmouth Round, if possible to be shot on a Wednesday evening Club night . A member of the Committee must verify the score with the archer after each end, by going up with the archer to score the end. In case of any dispute between the archer and the supervising Committee Member a second Committee Member may be asked to adjudicate and their decision will be final. On nights when a Club Member wishes to attempt a qualifying score, a Portsmouth face will be provided on an end boss which shall be reserved for archers shooting for a qualifying score, up to a maximum of 4 archers (2 details of 2) in any evening. Three arrows will be shot each end and, although Club members will be shooting as usual on the other bosses, they will be asked to accept that the shooting line will be marshalled to ensure that the qualification round progresses promptly. If wanted a break for refreshment can be taken half way through.

Archers wishing to attempt a qualifying score for an award will be asked to arrange with a Committee Member beforehand to ensure someone is available to score and monitor and that there is a suitable Portsmouth face available. Archers will be asked contribute an extra sum of £3 to the Green Fee to cover the cost of the extra Portsmouth faces, the badges, engraving and to give value to the attempt, without wishing to discourage those who wish to use these awards as a method of monitoring and encouraging progress.

Achievement levels are as listed under ‘Ballands Badge scores’ on the attached sheet and there are four bow styles listed. Please note the Compound score is based on the Portsmouth scoring for Compounds which is different from the other styles. Crossbow will shoot for a Compound score, and AFB will shoot for a Longbow score. HT/Trad will shoot for a Barebow score and there is no differentiation for stringwalking or gapping in Barebow.

The badge colours will be, lowest score to highest: Green, White, Black, Blue, Red, Gold.

The badges will be non-style designated but will be engraved on the reverse with the style, in case archers change style or shoot more than one style and wish to try for the awards in more than one discipline.